Top 10 Android SECRETS- TIPS and TRICKS 2020

This post has been a long time in the making and I think it’s gonna blow you away today. We have 12 of the greatest Android tips tricks and secrets that I’d go as far as to say that most of these you’ll never have heard of.


#1. Did you know that Google Chrome on Android has a hidden Reading Mode built inside of it and that automatically converts articles into more readable formats and completely removes the ads all you’ve got to do is to go into the flags a section of Chrome which is an experimental menu find the reading mode option and click always enable and from there any time you’re on an article you’ll see this little notification and when you tap that notification Reading Mode is enabled, a complete lifesaver?

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#2. Next up the ring light is very inexpensive for a simple and very effective way to up your selfie game. it’s got soft tabs so it doesn’t damage your phone and works with a simple hinge mechanism and it’s got three different layers of brightness. the brightest of which can completely change the way a scene looks if you’re in an area where there is no light very little light or just an overpowering color of light this continuous light compensates for that and you’ve got a sharper photo that is also much more color accurate.  The only thing to bear in mind is sometimes it can block part of the screen which can get in the way of you taking a photo but it is not a huge deal.

#3. Like most of the people, I take my smartphone everywhere but it would be kind of nice if I didn’t need to take my wallet as well. So if you only wanted to carry some money with you can actually store it in the back of a case and it’s not gonna damage your smartphone just fold it carefully you could even fit two to three notes inside of there and of course this also works with cards if you don’t want to use cash. You can normally fit two cards behind most smartphone cases killing two birds with one stone.

#4. The next one there is actually a hidden benefit to buying the premium versions of an app now don’t get me wrong free apps are great they have almost all the functionality and you just have to put up with a few ads but these ads as well as being annoying also cause battery and data drain it creates one extra background process where the app is trying to figure out which ads to serve next and download them in advance this doesn’t necessarily mean premium versions are always worth it but it’s another factor to consider next one is a very simple thing you often get notifications for a lot of things.

You just don’t care about and if you hold down on those you can block them from coming which again is another thing. that’ll save you a little bit of battery because your phone is no longer checking for them but also it stops you getting distracted and pulled into application that you actually had no intention of going on you might be wondering.

#5.why on earth am I composing an email to myself or something which I found this super useful is taking photos of all of your important documents and emailing them to you so your passport your driving license your National Insurance number the number of times I’ve needed these on the go even if it’s just a scanned copy of them is countless and if you want to make them look like they’ve been digitally scanned in you can use applications like photo scan by Google or tiny scanner and these can basically make anything look like they were digitally created alright.

#6. We all know how fantastic Google Translate is but Google quietly slipped in a pretty revolutionary feature you can see it’s called conversation and what this can be used for is to talk to someone who doesn’t at all speak your language you speak in your language Google will automatically detect who is speaking and translate it to the other language it doesn’t work for every language that Google Translate supports but it does work offline which is a huge bonus.

#7. The cameras on our phones are getting better and better every year that’s no secret but there is something really cool you can do with the panorama feature which has been around for ages essentially you can clone yourself or list appear twice within a photo all you’ve got to do is hand the phone to someone else and tell them to start taking the panorama with you in front of them as they.

Then move around capture more of the scene you’ve got a slip into your second position where they will pass. you again so because they are passing you twice in this panorama you’re gonna appear twice in one photo quite a cool effect very difficult to pull off without some sort of flaw alright have.

#8.You recently upgraded your smartphone and you’ve just got an old perfectly decent usable phone sitting around doing nothing well there’s something you can do with. it actually heads on to the Play Store type in IP webcam and downloads this. Application it pretty much does what it says on the tin it allows your phone to turn into a surveillance camera and an incredibly useful one.

At that you can access it on any of your devices it can record 24/7 if you keep the phone plugged in and of course, you’ve got 4k video recording on most modern phones.

#9.I can guarantee that a good amount of you guys reading this post don’t use Google assistant at all but what you might not have realized is you can repurpose that button by installing rocket launcher next time. You hold your home button instead of bringing up Google assistant it’ll bring up a selection of apps of your choice. I wouldn’t say it’s the cleanest interface but functionally speaking very handy.

#10. All right quite possibly what you came to this video for wave control once you’ve downloaded the app and turned it on you can essentially control your smartphone using air gestures. Which is something we’ve seen before on phones in the past and it didn’t work so well but this right here is the best implementation of it.

I’ve seen it works over 95% of the time providing you get your hand at the right height above the phone which is someone you get used to and you can use a number of different air gestures to control a number of different things everything from your media player of choice to your phone book now the next hack ties into this one and takes it a step further so by the company of our try we’ve got this pretty nifty cell phone.

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