Lockwatch Premium Apk v6.4.1 (2022) [Unlocked]

Lockwatch secretly snaps photos using its front camera whenever someone attempts to get access to your mobile by using the incorrect code. The image of the person who attempted to access your phone is sent to you, along with their location on GPS without the user’s knowledge. Download Lockwatch Premium Apk and enjoy all the paid features for free.

App NameLockwatch – Thief Catcher [Premium]
Apk Size3.31 MB
Latest Versionv6.4.1
Mod infoPremium Unlocked
Last updateJune 29, 2022

Lockwatch Premium Apk 2022

Lockwatch snaps a photograph of anyone trying for unlocking your mobile using the incorrect code. It then sends you the picture as well as your device’s current GPS position. Find out if there is someone watching your phone or the person who took the device. Snaps a still image of the intruder with the camera on the front in the event that an invalid keycode is entered. Determines the location of the phone through GPS and WiFi, so that you are able to locate it.

Lockwatch Premium Apk

The phone immediately emails you the image and GPS location before the phone’s switch is turned off. It is not necessary to use an external lock screen. We utilize the lock screen integrated into Android. The app is tiny and only works in the event that an invalid password is typed in.

Lockwatch has helped to recover hundreds of stolen and lost phones and is featured in a variety of TV and online news reports. Include several pictures in an email, to improve the chances of catching the criminal on camera. Attach an audio clip to the email so that you can listen to the activity on your phone. If someone inserts a brand newly-inserted SIM device into the phone you’ll receive an email message. If the person who stole the device is on, then you’ll receive an email message.

Key Features

  • Snaps a stealthy picture of an intruder by using the front camera whenever an intruder tries to unlock your phone.
  • The email will include the picture as well as GPS coordinates and a hyperlink to a map showing the location of the person.
  • It’s completely invisible and silent. The burglar won’t even realize they’ve been tracked.
  • A small application (less than 1MB) that does not drain your battery. It only works when the incorrect unlocked code is typed in.

Premium Features Unlocked

All of these features are included in Lockwatch Premium. It is possible to upgrade immediately from within the app, for a minimal cost.

  • The app can detect SIM card changes The SIM card detection feature of Lockwatch will notify you whenever someone inserts a brand newly-inserted SIM device into the phone. It will include the SIM number as well as the subscriber ID if present.
  • Send an email when the phone is powered on. If the burglar activates your phone while they’re in your home, you will be immediately notified of their place of residence.
  • Snap multiple pictures instead of taking just one picture, Lockwatch will take three pictures in three seconds. This increases the chances of capturing an excellent photo of the face of the criminal.
  • Record audio clips Record sound clip Lockwatch will come with an audio clip of 20 seconds that is recorded with the microphone on the phone. It will record conversations or background noises that may provide an indication of their location.


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Final Word

With the Lockwatch Premium Apk you will be able to catch the thieves who attempt the unlock your device without your permission. The app will send the image of the criminal to your email, so you can identify the culprit. If you’re a fan of the app, be sure to share it with your friends so they can protect their phones.

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