MacroDroid Mod APK v5.27.8 (Pro Unlocked)

If you have a complex task that has to be automated on your mobile device so that the device can perform it itself the next time without you having to remember, then utilize a strong macro development program like MacroDroid MOD APK. Download and enjoy all the premium features for free.

 App NameMacroDroid – Device Automation
 Apk Size28MB
 Latest Versionv5.27.8
 MOD InfoPro Unlocked
 Last UpdateOct 24, 2022

About MacroDroid – Device Automation (Pro Unlocked)

MacroDroid is a free app that automates tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. This app has been designed to help you quickly build tasks that are automatically triggered when certain conditions occur. You can use MacroDroid to automate everything from sending text messages to your contacts to turning on your lights.

MacroDroid Mod APK

The app works by listening to events such as incoming phone calls, SMS messages, calendar events, and location changes. Once an event is detected, MacroDroid will execute a predefined action.

Optimize Your Daily Workflow

While we live in a smart world, we often forget to optimize our workflows on our phones. It’s time to learn how to optimize your daily workflow on your phone. MacroDroid APK is one of the best apps to help you do so. 

MacroDroid Mod APK

Reduce Battery Drain

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably used MacroDroid before. MacroDroid is an app that helps you automate tasks on your device by letting you schedule them at specific times. In this case, we’ll use it to reduce battery drain.

MacroDroid Mod APK

Reading Notifications

You can use MacroDroid App to automate responses to text messages. It can do things like read texts and respond back. You can make your phone beep at you when you get a notification. It can even read texts aloud for you. It also responds automatically to certain SMS messages.

Make Custom Sound and Notification

You can create custom profiles to let people know when you’re available to receive calls and messages, but it can be difficult to do it manually. With a custom profile in the MacroDroid app, you can easily change the sounds and notification settings of your device. It’s a lot easier than doing it manually.

MacroDroid Mod APK


MacroDroid is a free app for Android that can remind you to do certain tasks using timers and stopwatches. It can also provide information about the weather, a compass, and much more. You can use it to take photos, create notes, and track your fitness progress.

Download MacroDroid Mod APK

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MacroDroid is a mobile software that configures and automates actions. Unlike other automation tools, this one is stable, memorizes well, and the above macro technique is easy to master.

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