n-Track Studio Pro v9.7.59 Mod APK (All Unlocked)

n-Track Studio 9 is a powerful and creative tool for all of us to create our own music. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians. It can offer users the best experience in music creation. n-Track Studio Pro is a complete music creation and production studio application, built especially for people who love to create their own music.

App Namen-Track Studio 9 Pro Music
Apk Size56.1MB
Latest Versionv9.7.59
ModPaid Unlocked
Last UpdateOct 09, 2022

n-Track Studio Pro | DAW (Unlocked)

n-Track Studio Pro is designed to help you to make the most of your creative potential. It is not just a DAW. It is a fully-featured DAW with many features that allow you to create professional quality music that will impress your audience. It is complete audio recording software that will give you the most flexibility.

n-Track Studio 9 Pro Mod Apk

It will let you record, edit, mix, and master your sound. You will be able to mix and master your sound by using a large range of effects, effects automation, and instruments. n-Track Studio Pro will also let you add effects, edit samples, and use a full range of mixing and mastering tools.

n-Track Studio 9 Pro Mod Apk

Track Studio Pro lets you edit and remix sounds, instruments, effects, and MIDI tracks on one track, on different channels. You can also use a powerful mixing console with unlimited tracks to arrange and manipulate your sound as needed. It lets you manage a huge variety of effects and plugins, and you can even control those plugins using the device’s physical knobs, faders, and buttons.

Features of n-Track Studio 9 Pro

Easily create your music

If you’re ready to make your music for yourself, the first thing you’ll need is a good demo. You might be surprised to find that there is already a good demo of your project waiting for you in n-Track Studio Pro. In this demo, you can record multiple tracks, but you can only import one track at a time. But you can edit your audio in any order or even delete the audio entirely.

n-Track Studio 9 Pro Mod Apk

Create Melodies Instantly

The most important thing for creating songs is the arrangement of the melody. A musical arrangement must have a well-coordinated melody and a variety of chords. In addition to the arrangement of chords, the tempo must also be appropriate to make a song enjoyable. Once you’ve chosen a style of the chord and a tempo, you’ll need to select the instrument that you want to play. The selection of instruments will depend on the genre of the song you want to create.

Built-in Mixer

Users can easily mix sounds together by adjusting the levels and frequencies. They can also rotate and EQ the music, such as turning the bass up or down. In addition, the built-in mixer feature allows users to add various effects. Some models come with 12 effects already preinstalled. These include reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, chorus, and phaser. Users can also customize the effect settings according to their preferences.

Useful audio effects to enjoy

Make arrangements of this highly effective EQ with instinctive visualized 2D & 3D spectrums, together with lots of sound settings. Switch up different sound beats and expressive effects from assorted in-app choices. Boost the noises of your bass and guitar together with an available amplifier.

And last but not least, the VocalTune alternative, which lets you decorate and correct the singings from the most natural potential, will allow it to be a ton simpler for cellular users to produce their excellent music combinations.

Editing materials

In addition, to make the task easier, n-Track Studio 9 Pro offers its whole track collection with dozens of interesting Sample Packs, which will permit you to boost your audio mixing adventures. And with the recording alternative, you can also import current tracks on your devices’ storage and start making applications of the editing features.

n-Track Studio 9 Pro Mod Apk

Preferred languages

To create the program more intuitive for many Android users, now you can pick your favorite language choices with n-Track Studio 9 Pro.

Here, the program offers plenty of instinctive localizations from diverse languages to allow you to select from. Hence, together with the typical English interface, now you can like French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and a number of different languages. Therefore, making the program far more available for Android users of origin.

Online community of music makers

And for all those who’re interested, it is also possible to combine the wonderful neighborhood at n-Track Studio 9 Pro, in which you’d meet up and interact with numerous online founders globally, both amateurs and professionals.

Consequently, it could be utterly great for some of you who are interested in the craft of music-making. Don’t hesitate to talk about your works on the internet and socialize with exceptional functions from other people. And above all, it is possible to research brilliant mixes in the world’s finest creators.

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Final Word

The n-Track Studio Pro APK will give you an awesome user experience with its advanced recording, editing, and playback features. It allows you to create your own unique music through the app’s excellent musical capabilities and supporting features. We also provide a free download link to the n-Track Studio 9 Pro apk. if you have any problems feel free to comment below or contact us.

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