Package Disabler v13.5 Pro Apk (Full Paid Version)

Package Disabler Pro is an important app that lets you disable any unwanted packages on your phone. It will save you battery life, data usage, and space by disabling the package. Download Package Disabler Pro Apk and enjoy all the paid features.

App NamePackage Disabler Pro Apk
Apk Size7MB
Latest Versionv13.5
MOD InfoFull Paid Version
Last UpdateOct 01, 2022

About Package Disabler Pro

Package Disabler Pro Apk is a premium tool that allows you to uninstall any undesirable apps from your phone. By deactivating the package, you will save battery life, data use, and storage space.

Package Disabler Pro APK

Package Disabler may also be used to prolong the standby life of your Android device by halting any superfluous background operations while it is not in use. This program allows you to modify the system so that only required applications run, saving both battery and memory.

Features of Package Disabler PRO Apk [Paid]

Remove or Disable Bloatware

One of the main reasons to download Package Disabler Pro Plus APK is that it may help you improve your device’s speed and save battery life by enabling you to eliminate your device’s bloatware.

Though some of the applications that come pre-installed on the iPhone are useful, others are worthless and are only used by 10% of the world’s population. You may also acquire information about each app’s permissions, actions, receivers, content providers, all libraries, signatures, and much more by using this app.

Easy To Use Interface

Because it has the most recently released features, you should always use the most recent Package Disabler Pro Samsung version. If you use an earlier version, there is a potential that the app will not function with all of the applications and will crash. This program is incredibly easy to use, and all of the options are available right on the home screen.

Control Your Apps

You will be able to control all of your programs in one spot if you install Package Disabler Pro on your smartphone. This software can view and control anything, including bloatware, packages, installed applications, and system packages. You may also set password security on this app to prevent unauthorized use.

Import and Export Your App

Another advantageous feature of the Package Disabler Pro app APK is the ability to export all of your settings to external storage and then import the saved file. This function is useful when you want to experiment with your applications, and if anything goes wrong and you want to restore all of the settings, you may import the file.

No need for root

Many people are probably familiar with the idea of the root, which is also interpreted as enabling users to interfere deeper within the system of the operating system.

The application, which is based on the idea of the root, may reduce the hazards that the user may face when using the program. Until recently, there have been several applications with comparable functions, but they all need the device to be rooted in order to run.

Download Package Disabler Pro Apk

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Final Word

Download Package Disabler Pro Apk to get all the benefits of a paid app for free. You can disable any unwanted packages on your phone, including system apps and carrier bloatware, saving you battery life, data usage, and space.

If this sounds like something that will help make your device more efficient or if you want to try it out before deciding whether or not it’s worth paying for with in-app purchases each month then give Package Disabler Pro Apk a download now.

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