10 Most Important Reasons to Root Your Android in 2020

So roughly five years ago rooting your Android phone was a pretty common thing to do. Then over time as each new version of Android was released the software became more and more refined and slowly rooting your phone became less and less common.

But for me if it weren’t for rooting my phone I don’t think I’d enjoy using Android phones nearly as much as I do. So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 reasons why I think rooting your phone can still be an incredibly useful thing to do.

10 Most Important Reasons to Root Your Android
10 Most Important Reasons to Root Your Android

So let’s get into it at the top if I could only root my phone for one reason it would be .

Quick switch this is an app that lets you replace your phone’s stock launcher with any third party supported launcher.Why is this a thing that you might want to do well.

Since the release of Android Pi when Google started making gestural navigation, a thing the gestures themselves were actually baked directly into the launcher which is what allowed them to have those nice integrated animations but also meant that.

If you were using gestures and you wanted to use a third-party launcher at the same time well the experience became a little bit clunky. so using quick switch with a supported launch of like launcher version 2 means that I can have my cake and eat it too now.

One way in which Google’s gestures are still somewhat lacking in comparison to say iOS is full screen gestures is that the little navigation bar still has this background that shows up behind it.

It just looks a bit tacky and takes away from that immersive that we otherwise should experience when using full screen gestures well using the magic module called immersive gestures.

You can actually remove that black background, I honestly install this on any phone of mine that is rooted and if you want to remove the bar all together then try using a different module called full screen gestures.

Though I have found this to be a little bit finicky whenever the keyboard is opened now I’ve been pretty vocal on my website about how I think Google’s software is king, when it comes to Android phones but it’s not just about their OS it’s also about their system applications.

Now you can of course download and install most of their system applications on the Play Store no problem but unless you have a pixel or Nexus device you generally can’t install their phone and dollar application well not to worry.

If you install a magic module called Google dollar framework this will actually let you install the phone application whether it be via the Play Store or via a third-party apk.

Now this next one is for all you one plus users out there who like me wish one plus had already gotten their act together in implementing and always on display feature well using an app called a OD mod you can enable this exact feature.

Now to get this app to work you first have to install the reroute core and then reroute at expose modules within majus then you need to install the EDD exposed manager application all of which I’ll leave links to the lo.

You then need to enable the AOD module within the EDD exposed manager module settings and once you’ve done all that you’ll finally be rewarded with an always-on display.

That looks like this there are even some handy settings you can tweak within the app to customize how it looks though be aware that using this mod does have a fairly significant impact on battery life also for those concerned about burnin the various elements of the oils on display do move around ever so slightly so no need to worry.

There while we’re talking about activating modules within add exposed this next one is for all the pixel for users out there so using finger face you can basically utilize face unlock in any app that already supports fingerprint authentication.

Which is downright amazing this means that all my banking and security apps that are still to be updated to natively support face unlock well now they do alright.

The next one is a pretty small tweak again for all you oneplus users out there but for those not aware for some baffling reason oneplus is still to implement a quick settings toggle to quickly turn on and off the dark thing.

So using the aptly named oneplus dark mode toggler all you do is install the app and there you go you can now find a toggle that you can add to your quick settings.

Now you can quickly switch the dark theme on and off.

Ice box is an app that I featured in a recent episode of the top Android apps but if you’re someone who really values being able to use the stock homescreen launcher.

But you also really hate having to sift through all of that bloatware and those pre installed applications and if you launch it doesn’t support the hiding of applications in the app drawer so the pixel launcher falls into this category well.

Using ice box will allow you to do so all you do is select the app you want to hide in what the app calls and ice box which hides it or freezes.

It from your device keep in mind. this does mean that the app is no longer in operation so you can’t freeze an app that you still want to run in the background but for hiding those annoying preinstalled applications without permanently deleting them this app is very handy.

Now if you’ll prop it in a customization and you love tweaking your phone to make it look and feel just how you want it to and there’s probably no better tool than substratum.

There are so many theme applications for substratum available on the Play Store though not everyone is for every device. so be careful and do some reading before installing the various themes.

But again if you’re into customization then look no further than some stratum now taking the look and feel of your phone is one thing but there’s really only so much you can do.

If the overall Android skin on the phone that you’re using is one that you just don’t like so in that case if you have a rooted device then you can just load a custom ROM onto your phone, in some cases this may just be a tweaked version of the software already running on your phone.

But in other cases it may be a completely different form of Android that radically improves the experience of using the phone so for example with my xiaomi Mi 9T that I viewed last year whilst I didn’t mind the stock and the UI software that came preloaded with the phone I wanted something a little closer to stock Android.

I wanted access to Android 10 earlier than what was available natively and so I loaded a custom ROM onto the phone called paranoid more than anything loading a custom ROM on to your phone is just a fun thing to do.

It’s always worth giving a go at some point in your Android journey now obviously already listed a bunch of specific applications and modules that you can use on your phone if it is rooted.

But the final reason that you might want to root your phone in 2020 is that there are just so many more applications available on the Play Store or otherwise that just have some great features that do not work if you can’t get them root access.

A lot of apps these days do have some backdoor methods of enabling their functionality via adb commands but the amount of time that i’ve saved by simply granting root access directly within the app.

Itself let alone the amount of apps that I’ve tried that just straight up would not work if my phone wasn’t rooted, is pretty huge and honestly it’s just super fun knowing that I can download and install pretty much any app.

That I so desire simply because my phone is rooted and so there it is ten reasons why I think rooting your phone is still something worth considering in 2020.

If you’re someone who has lots of experience in rooting devices. then write up in the comments below.

Let everyone know why you love rooting your phone. Thanks for Reading this article we meet in the next one.

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