SmartTube Next v16.08 Mod APK (Unlocked)

SmartTube Next is an alternative mobile video player that works like YouTube but without adverts and membership costs. It is a portable and lightweight way to view movies on smartphones. Download SmartTube Next Mod APK and enjoy ads-free youtube and many features.

App NameSmartTube Next
DeveloperSmartTube Next
Apk Size 17MB
Latest Versionv16.08
MOD FeaturesNo Ads+ Unlocked
Last UpdateOct 12, 2022

Smart Tube Next Latest Version 2022

SmartTube Next is another option for ad-free YouTube videos. It allows you to view Youtube on TV. During your viewing experience, no adverts will occur. Although not from YouTube, this is a good method to view good videos. You may build the experience you desire at any moment. Simultaneously, the interface is modernized for TV usage.

SmartTube Next Mod APK

First, its UI is identical to Youtube but for the predominant blue hue instead of the original red. This app will be almost similar to Youtube. You do them on your home Android TVs. Perform actions using controls or speech. This unofficial version is less flashy but works well with many recent Android versions and has no advertisements.

SmartTube Next Main Features

The first question is why SmartTube Next and not YouTube. Everyone has choices. The greatest alternative for free, quick, and no-ads movie viewing is SmartTube Next. Let me mention upfront that SmartTube Next will provide Android TVs with more viewing options. In short, SmartTube Next gives you additional options while viewing YouTube on your smartTV. Currently, SmartTube Next supports English, Russian, Danish, Ukrainian, and Spanish.


If you use the YouTube app, you will see that it has several flaws, notably in the UI. SmartTube Next fixes this flaw. Although based on YouTube, it alters aspects that annoy viewers. As a consequence, SmartTube Next has a very simple, minimalistic UI. To provide the greatest user experience, all functions and procedures have been streamlined to the bare minimum. This is a great feature of SmartTube Next.

Watch Anything Any Time

You may view and use SmartTube Next’s news system for free at any time. The news will be about local entertainment in your nation. All foreign terms will be translated. This is a great feature that will revolutionize the way you view the news. Also, data and video viewing history will be retained. So you can locate and see them if you lose them. Make your own playlists to relax or work to.

Watch Youtube Without Ads

We hate it when YouTube is continuously ad-filled. More advertisements, hotter shows. Some commercials are up to 15 minutes long (omg). At this point, I simply want to quit and find another ad-free software. If you’ve ever had a bad encounter, you should download SmartTube Next right now. Without advertisements, you can view YouTube videos, including popular videos and videos on themes of interest. The ad-blocking power of SmartTube Next is so effective you forget you’re viewing YouTube.

Download SmartTube Next MOD APK (Optimized)

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Final Word

SmartTube Next MOD APK is an unofficial video player for mobile devices that has features and functionality similar to YouTube but without the commercials and membership costs associated with the popular video-sharing site. It is a small and lightweight device that allows you to view movies on your smartphone while on the go.

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