Download The Genesis Order Apk For Android v45101 (Mod)

The Genesis Order has been released for Android devices as a game for android. This game is an erotic adventure game, but players can experience the story from any angle. The detective, who works in the police, can move and rotate freely in the game to investigate the crime scene. Players can play as both male and female detectives.

App nameThe Genesis Order for Android
PublisherNLT Media
Apk Size360MB
Mod infoMOD, Chapter 21

About The Genesis Order Apk For Android

The Genesis Order is a unique erotic adventure game in which the player will solve a crime and investigate a mysterious murder. In this detective game, the player will explore a new world. The world is divided into three cities: New Sanvea, Old Sanvea, and The City of the Dead. At the same time, there are also two main characters in the game. In this case, a detective is a young man who is in love with a beautiful woman, and the victim is a young woman who is murdered.

The Genesis Order Android

You must play the game to find the clues to the mystery. The detective will have to conduct investigations at the scene of the crime, search for information on the victim and witnesses, and interview people. At the same time, he must also satisfy his desire and pleasure. There are several things you can do during the game.

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Final Word

The Genesis Order is the third and final installment of NLT’s trilogy of games and continues the story started in Treasure of Nadia. As a young and ambitious detective, you are tasked with solving the mysterious death of a young woman named Nadia in your sleepy town.

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