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Hello everyone How are you all. we are already into the fifth month of 2020 until now we have provide you a lot of interesting apps on our Site and we are back again with one more android app 2020 where we will be showing you 10 more new apps you should check out this month on your Android device.

Today’s with you and as usual we will show the apps and random order so the first staff we have in our list is the..

Top 10 Best Apps for Android
Top 10 Best Apps for Android

#1.Brightness manager

brightness manager allows you to configure the brightness of your phone depending upon the app you use so when you open a particular app the brightness settings changes automatically so in the app we just have to enable the auto brightness mode and then select the app for which you want to set the brightness you can lower or increase the brightness according to your preferences it’s a very good app and I’m not sure why it’s not an inbuilt feature in Android already nonetheless I find the UI pretty good in this app is really easy to use overall if you keep on changing your screen brightness again and again then download this app right now.

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#2. Facebook gaming

Facebook gaming is a new app from Facebook which as the name suggests will allow you to watch play and connect with your friends. in this app play games instantly or join groups of different games in which you are interested. so the app offers three main features first is the watch here you can see the livestream of top gamers.

You can also discover new esports videos the app also allows you to stream your game live on Facebook.

Next feature is play an elegant play mini games instantly without downloading them into your phone and in my opinion some of them are really fun to play.

lastly you can connect and join different groups and discuss about gaming overall Facebook gaming is a dedicated platform for gamers.

Those who like games so do give it a try.


#3.Footaj camera

the sequel of footage camera is here and this app basically is a brand new robust camera app which lets you enhance your and capturing experience so first of all let me tell you that this app only works if your phone supports camera2 api.

Now about this app the app is basically a pro camera app which has lot of features such as manual ISO shutter speed , you can also save in RAW format and so on now these are the features which are already available in some phones in the pro camera settings but if your phone is missing those features then this is the app you should download.

You get amazing photo and video quality from this app and there are tons of options to customize and explore which will allow you to take full advantage of the camera of your phone.

In the pro version of this app allows you to save high quality images as well as unlock some additional features.

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#4.BillsPls – Expense Manager

This app is basically for users who goes a lot on business steps and they need to submit bills and expenses later on for reimbursement. Sometime it’s really difficult to keep a track of your expenses and bills now for this bill please is a wonderful app which lets you manage your business expenses.

This app is an expense tracker and all you need to do is click a picture of the bill and this app will automatically extract the content and will show you the necessary information here you have the expenses details on this page and also on the home page you can see the graph which shows you the expenses according to the category.

In this app you can also export the expenses in a form of PDF and Excel file overall we find this are very useful and I must have productivity app to track your business expenses.

#5.Volume Styles – Customize your Volume Panel Slider

Volume styles let you fully customize your phone’s volume panel and sliders you can change the color apply different themes such as iOS MIUI default Android and lot more it’s really easy to apply just choose a theme.

which are available in the app and that’s it you have a new volume panel design on your phone in the app. you can also further customize it and here you can choose the dark or light mode position of the panel and the color of the sliders one thing I must tell you that I have used these kind of apps before and sometimes they are buggy and doesn’t work that good but in this app the animations are quite smooth and it didn’t give me any issue while testing so if you’re looking to customize your phone’s volumes writer then do check out this app.

#6.unitMeasure: Offline Material Unit Converter

Unit measure is an intuitive and powerful unit converter app the interface is simple and minimalistic and here you will find sixteen categories some of them are length volume energy temperature etc.

Now in each category you can do different conversions the app is completely offline and the size of the app is just 2 MB.

There are no advertisements and overall I find this app really good you can also change the theme of the app to light dark and evil at night mode overall unit measure is one stop for all the measurements and calculation.

Now you won’t have to go online and search the internet and fiddle around looking for answers unit measure is a paid app

#7.Doppel – Find Your Doppelganger, Look-Alike, Twin

Topple allows you to discover your local likes or as you say it doppelganger in just less than one minute so if you have ever wondered if you have a look-alike somewhere in this world then with this app.

you can find one so all we have to do is upload couple of your selfies then the AI of the app matches the photo with the other users and it shows you the result in less than one minute once you upload your selfies on your feed page.

You will see the result with the matching percentage you can compare the picture as well as use the face more feature for fun overall it’s a fun to use app and very unique and according to me it’s a great app to find look alike and compare faces for fun and time pass.

#8.WikiGame – A Wikipedia Game

Usually we don’t show games in this series as we do separate series for top games. But wiki game is a unique app which definitely worth the mention so as the name suggests this app is based on Wikipedia and it’s basically a Wikipedia race game you are given two wikipedia articles and your aim is to reach from one Wikipedia article to another by clicking the blue hyperlinks in the article you need to do this in less time and number of clicks.

The app is not just a game but it also allows you to find discover and explore knowledge overall this app offers a nice way to learn with some fun in the app.

You also have a search feature by which you can search a particular word but that is included as a pro feature.

#9.Diffuse [Free] – Apple Music Live Wallpaper

Defuse is an apple music like live dynamic wallpaper that blurs your current playing album artwork and displays it in an abstract in real time. so basically this app gives a vibrant and a cool look to your home screen while playing songs.

You just have to set it as a wallpaper now whenever you play music from apps like Amazon Prime Spotify and even YouTube music you will see this real-time fluid album art music visualization this app also allows you to share your now playing artwork to Instagram as a story.

Overall it’s a nice and a unique life wallpaper concept which gives an amazing look to your phone while playing music.

This app is basically for kids at home and in this app there are a lot of learning activities for kids. Starting from preschool to middle school the app has activities like drawing word search crossword simple mathematics and so on the interface of the app is very good in indulging kids usually stay away from studies but with this app because of the games and tricks it’s really easy and fun learning for kids too there are a lot of interactive learning activities in this app which are really good overall with a clean interface and lot of options. this is a wonderful app for kids at the moment to improve their skills.

So that’s it guys these were the ten best new Android apps we have for the month of Jun. let us know if you liked any of them and also do tell us your favourite app of the month in the comment section below.I’ll see you in the next one.

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