Wavelet Pro Mod Apk v22.07 [Ads Free+ Premium]

Wavelet is a Headphone specific equalization for android devices and allows users to customize different types of sounds. It will allow users to simulate bass, reverberation, or fantastic spatial sound effects. This unique sound effect will allow you to make a wonderful music experience and improve the quality of your mobile phone. Download Wavelet Pro Mod Apk from our site, which provides you with an ad-free experience.

App NameWavelet Pro: Headphone specific equalization
Latest Versionv22.07
Mod infoAds Free +Paid Unlocked
Last UpdateOct 09, 2022

Wavelet: headphone specific EQ (Pro Unlocked)

For a music lover who always listens to his favorite songs in a playlist or who listens to his favorite music on a streaming service, this Wavelet can be of great help. It has been designed with an exclusive and specific headphone-specific equalizer, which makes it possible to enhance every aspect of audio output.

Wavelet Pro Mod Apk

The user can now enjoy every song in its original state and without any distortion and muffle. The best thing about the application is that it is not restricted to just headphones but can be used with almost every type of device or system. 

Wavelet is compatible with the most popular headphones. It also offers the best sound quality that you will ever hear. The sound quality is also very high. You can easily use the application to listen to songs that have better sound quality. With over 2400 pre-calculated optimizations for headphone models and many options for customizability, Wavelet is a great addition to any mobile audio setup.


With the AutoEQ in Wavelet, you get a customized EQ for the best sound experience. You will automatically get a customized equalization that adapts to your music preference, whether you are listening to rock, hip-hop, or any other type of music. You can also customize your equalization to suit your personal preference. Whether it be bass, treble, midrange, or low frequencies, you can fine-tune these levels as per your requirement.

Wavelet Pro Apk

9-band Graphic Equalizer

You can make your sound as perfect as you wish. The Wavelet Equalizer is a great tool for this. It offers a wide variety of EQ settings that let you achieve exactly what you want. You can even save your preferences for different types of music and headphones.

This equalizer comes with a built-in graphic equalizer, which compensates for missing frequencies or annoying spikes. It has nine bands, each of which has an equalizer setting. You can adjust these settings to suit your needs.

Wavelet Pro Apk

Bass booster 

Wavelet works with any headphones by using a unique method to boost bass frequency. With this app, you will be able to amplify the frequencies that your headphones are missing, making them sound much louder and clearer. It will be able to raise the low-frequency content of your audio recordings as well as your bass and treble. 


In Wavelet there is an option to simulate reverberation for your music. This allows you to get a more natural sound from your tracks. When simulating reverberation, the Wavelet app does this by adding a ‘room’ effect. It does this by adding the same echo to each individual audio track. The reverberation is only added to the sounds that have been echoed so that they do not become too distorted or distorted.

Wavelet Pro Apk


Wavelet virtualizer app is designed to add a powerful spatialization effect to your headphones. This will improve your audio quality and listening experience. It comes with features like Flexible and Room EQ. The Flexible feature allows you to adjust the spatialization effect based on the room size you’re in.

Bass Tuner

Wavelet offers the most advanced bass and treble tone control features. It can automatically change the frequency range to compensate for the size and shape of your headphones. The app offers multiple frequency bands, such as low, mid, and high frequencies. You can adjust the bass and treble tones for each band. This allows you to control the sound of your headphones more accurately.

Wavelet Pro Apk


There is a volume limiter in the wavelet that can limit the volume in a way that doesn’t hurt the sound quality. The volume limiter can be used to adjust the volume in the headphones you are using to listen to the music you play. The limiter works by detecting the level of volume in the music and adjusting the volume accordingly. 

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Final Word

Wavelet Mod APK app is a brand new audio experience for Android users, allowing users to get the best sound effects by simulating bass, reverberation, and fantastic spatial sound. We also Provide a Download link. If you have any problems feel free to comment below or contact us.

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